One Color Fitted T-Shirts That Pop!

We were asked to create an inexpensive “fashion” T-shirts for staff to wear during a networking event in L.A. The group is made up of PR, Marketing and Media professionals. While they are over 19,000 members strong they were also working on a tight budget. We created simple but effective artwork and put it on a plain white T-shirt that was a softer fabric and fitted style, so it was a bit more fashionable than just your basic T.

Thank you for having us help you be CZabulous on a budget 😉

Website & Logo for Cammarata Associates

We’re so excited to be able to launch this website for our newer clients, Cammarata Associates. We got to freshen up the logo and give a total overhaul to their existing website. While we were in there we beefed up the SEO a bit and will also be giving them a password protected area for private educational seminars offered to their clients. Take a peek at the before and after, below and feel free to go check out the entire site: Cammarata Associates Website

Thanks to Frank, Linda, Ted & the entire team for trusting us to spruce things up 🙂







Bigcommerce Partnership Press Release

We’re excited to have added some new services for our clients over the last couple of months! One that you may want to consider, if selling online, is BigCommerce. This partnership, as an official reseller, will enable us to provide even better solutions and service to our clients while we enjoy co-­marketing and promotional opportunities with their brand. They are a top tier, yet reasonably priced shopping cart solution system.

You can read the official Press Release here


Is Your Location Facebook Friendly?

Facebook has a newer tool called Beacon. This device literally pings(sends a signal to) the devices that enter your establishment. From there it will open your visitors Facebook to your business page, once they click on that app within their device. At that point your visitor gets some reasons to engage with you & share your business. Take a look at the description in the graphic below. Facebook is offering a limited rollout right now, so if you’re offered a Beacon on your business page, go for it! It will be an invaluable tool for engaging with visitors on Facebook, and you’ll be ahead of the curve!


Restaurant Print Collateral

We’ve worked with Restaurants & Retail for a very long time. Here is some print collateral recently done for J & K Steakhouse in Morristown, NJ and the still under construction Mambo Cubano in Nutley, NJ. Business cards, gift certificates & comment cards are some of the staples a thorough restaurant needs to incorporate into their customer service and marketing plans. And check out that logo for Mambo Cubano, conceived by the talented Tony!

Get Mobile or Get Lost!


Get ‪‎mobile friendly or get lost! Good ‎and comprehensive web‬ development has been years ahead of this latest Google algorithm update. Check your site on your phone! If it’s not working fully or there’s no mobile version, it’s time to update! Most of us in web design & development have been doing this for years, because it’s a sort of best practice… and we can’t help but to think ahead, about what the future will look like & hence, your site! If we made the site for you within the last couple of years then you probably have no worries, however you should check. And it is always good to do this periodically because there is almost always room for improvement 🙂


READ – Google to websites: Be mobile-friendly or get buried in search results




Beautiful Logo & Business Cards

Friends – Super thrilled to share the simple yet stunning work of our very own graphic designer & developer, Tony!

Beautiful job on this business card(and the logo) for the newly launched service: IME Guardian!

IMEGUARDIAN_Logo Business Card


Creative and Modern Promotional Marketing

Ok… so you know you need to put your brand out there. But who needs another pen or magnet or keychain or… any other marketing product we’ve all seen a million times?!

Try thinking outside the box a little bit. This article from the Director of Communications at Zazzle offers some interesting ways to view and execute your next promotion. My personal favorite (being a tech lover) is combining our in person world with our online world! Who couldn’t use a tech gift today? Who wouldn’t hop right on their computer, phone or tablet to get your special online offer or connect with your social media? And wouldn’t nearly anyone you come across today appreciate a charger or set of headphones? Because eventually theirs will get lost or break. Don’t they always?! If you want to browse through some ideas, check out our Branded & Promotional Product Catalog right here.

We hope you enjoy these ideas! Please feel free to contact us for more out of the ordinary, useful and eye catching suggestions. We threw our box away a long time ago 😉

BIG AmEx News For Merchants!

For a long, long… long time American Express has been at the top of the list for credit card processing fees! That’s all changing and we are fortunate to be at the forefront of this great development. Previously we had no way to cut rates to merchants who accept American Express. Now, AmEx is working exclusively with one of our processor partners to allow us to lower the fees! That’s right! We have an exclusive right to be able to lower your American Express card processing fees – the longstanding costliest of the bunch! Reach out for more information so you can start putting some money back in your pocket! Contact us here. You can also learn more about how merchant services work by clicking here.